Wireless Network Design Strategies for Outdoor Surveillance


Video surveillance is vital for businesses and public spaces. Building a remote outdoor surveillance system presents significant challenges, especially one that is off-grid and requires wireless communication. How will your video be recorded and accessed? How will you power the cameras? Which cameras should be used? There are plenty of options to consider when installing cameras on a cellular or wireless local area network (WLAN). Three of the most significant issues to resolve are bandwidth, power, and security.

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Trending Applications for PoE++

poe - power over ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a vital technology for many network engineers and administrators. In decentralized network nodes and components, getting power and data can prove unbelievably challenging. PoE has offered a direct, efficient solution for years, and it’s massively popular for a reason.

PoE, in general, has grown dramatically in use over the past five years. Since 2016, it has been maintaining a 13-percent annualized growth rate in total sales, and PoE alone expects to be a billion-dollar market by 2022. It’s easy to see why. The convenience and efficiency of running power and communication through a single line make networking design easier, cheaper, and more flexible. With ports each supplying from 15 to 100 watts (W) on various iterations of PoE, there are plenty of options to precisely build a network the way you want. 

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Why Use Conformal Coating? Ultimate Protection for Industrial Equipment

Antaira Technologies LNX-C500-CC off-the-shelf Ethernet switch with conformal coating.

Electronics are distributed everywhere. However, there are countless environments wholly unfriendly to circuit boards. Electronic equipment needs specialized protection to be able to work through adversity and deliver the technological promises they make. One of the standards for industrial protection of electronics is conformal coating. This coating provides a layer of defense that protects against high temperatures, moisture, corrosive chemicals, and even electric shocks. For example, salt fog from coastal regions, exhaust fumes from traffic, particulates from factory operations, and airborne chemicals from refineries are locations where industrial equipment, such as Ethernet switches, will need extra protection to operate.

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How Cat 1 and Cat M1 Are Replacing 2G and 3G Cellular Networks

InHand Networks IR912 LTE Router

Sure, Internet of Things (IoT) is great. It’s easy to see the potential benefits of data mining and better analytics. None of that makes it easy to implement. IoT networks tend to be large in both size and throughput, and it presents plenty of challenges from the design standpoint. One of those challenges is incorporating older equipment into IoT networks without spending a fortune. For a while, 2G and 3G worked well for many networks, but major carriers are phasing them out. LTE Category 1 (Cat 1) is a replacement for legacy 2G and 3G. Cat M1 and NB1 are not far behind. These new, low-bandwidth technologies help many IoT networks expand capacity for surprisingly little money. Continue reading…

How to Improve Security with IoT Intranets

Antaira APR-3100 Industrial Access Point

Everyone loves to rave about the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT).  However, few people appreciate the demands IoT systems bring to the table. Cost management and network design are hard enough, but the bulk of IoT field devices operate at minimum power and data flow. Many were deployed in control and automation facilities decades ago and support only simple communication functions.  This creates a unique security challenge. IoT can force a designer to incorporate anywhere from hundreds to millions of endpoint devices without being able to secure them on an individual basis. There are many approaches to solving this problem.  One feasible solution is to create private networking layers to minimize risk without spending exorbitant amounts on each IoT device. Continue reading…

Managing IoT Over Long Distances with LPWAN

InHand InDTU332 Cellular Modem

At this point, most IT pros and network engineers do not need to be convinced of the value of the Internet of Things (IoT). Instead, the focus is on finding practical ways to implement the technology. With explosive levels of adoption, there are many options out there. Some manufacturers are simply rolling Wi-Fi into everything. While this can work, it’s not economical over long ranges. The obvious alternative is to use LTE. Although, LTE data plans can get pricey. In the end, managing IoT over long distance amplifies the standard problems of large networks. Technologies used to connect IoT devices are commonly called Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). LPWAN may implement legacy cellular technology or direct radio communication. Continue reading…

Understanding IP Ratings for Industrial Electronics

When shopping for industrial electronics, knowledge of computational and networking capacities is only half the battle. It is also important to understand durability ratings and how they work. The standard you’ve likely seen is the IP rating. It is frequently used by manufacturers to show what conditions equipment has been tested to withstand.  And, it graduates from generic terms like “waterproof” to quantifiable expectations. Understanding IP ratings can help you pick the right electronics more economically, and it brings better peace of mind by establishing proper confidence in your devices. Continue reading…

How Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS) Boosts Your Network

Industrial networks have many demands, and one of the principle rules is that downtime isunacceptable. With the myriad design elements available, it can be difficult to pinpoint which is best for your industry. If Ethernet plays a major role in your network infrastructure, then ERPS might be the most cost-effective way to add redundancy and up-time protection to any network, regardless of size and traffic.

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Covering WiFi Gaps for Reliable Communications

Antaira APX-3200 WiFi access point

Media access is an essential component of empowering employees and workstations to achieve their fullest. Sometimes simple WiFi access can boost productivity on even simple tasks. In more extreme cases, Internet of Things (IoT) and similar massive data sampling require virtually every square foot of your facility have fast and reliable wireless communication. No matter the intended utility, if you require industrial Wi-Fi, you have to understand how to manage gaps.

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Getting Started With VPNs

Corporate networks have a lot of needs. Whether you run a small office or an enterprise, your users rely on you for convenient, secure ways to access and share information and electronic tools. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an almost inevitable upgrade for any corporate network. It can vastly expand both security and utility for your network, and it can give your company entire dimensions of new options for performing tasks and enabling employees to function at their peak.

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