Trending Applications for PoE++

poe - power over ethernet

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a vital technology for many network engineers and administrators. In decentralized network nodes and components, getting power and data can prove unbelievably challenging. PoE has offered a direct, efficient solution for years, and it’s massively popular for a reason.

PoE, in general, has grown dramatically in use over the past five years. Since 2016, it has been maintaining a 13-percent annualized growth rate in total sales, and PoE alone expects to be a billion-dollar market by 2022. It’s easy to see why. The convenience and efficiency of running power and communication through a single line make networking design easier, cheaper, and more flexible. With ports each supplying from 15 to 100 watts (W) on various iterations of PoE, there are plenty of options to precisely build a network the way you want. 

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Managing IoT Over Long Distances with LPWAN

InHand InDTU332 Cellular Modem

At this point, most IT pros and network engineers do not need to be convinced of the value of the Internet of Things (IoT). Instead, the focus is on finding practical ways to implement the technology. With explosive levels of adoption, there are many options out there. Some manufacturers are simply rolling Wi-Fi into everything. While this can work, it’s not economical over long ranges. The obvious alternative is to use LTE. Although, LTE data plans can get pricey. In the end, managing IoT over long distance amplifies the standard problems of large networks. Technologies used to connect IoT devices are commonly called Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). LPWAN may implement legacy cellular technology or direct radio communication. Continue reading…