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Antennas are deployed in every wireless application, from vehicle fleets, control cabinets, machinery, base stations to mobile hotspots. So, finding the best antenna for your network is critical. However, a high-performance antenna will do no good if it’s not mounted correctly. There are many types of antenna mounts, each designed for a specific need.

Through-hole Antenna Mounts

Pantheon MA750 through hole mount antenna

A through-hole surface mount antenna is an excellent choice for a permanent solution. This option is ideal for vehicles and electronics enclosures, offering a sleek, unobtrusive look from the outside and easy cable management. A through-hole mount stays in place, making it low-maintenance and worry-free. It’s no surprise this is one of the most popular types of antenna mounts. 

The antenna cables pass from the radome through the hollow mounting bolt allowing the antenna to sit flush on a vehicle roof or cabinet top. A single hole drilled into the mounting surface accommodates the bolt, and the antenna is fastened underneath with a heavy-duty nut and washer. An example popular with emergency vehicles is the Pantheon MA750, which provides cellular, WiFi, and GPS elements in a single radome.

Magnetic Mounts

Taoglas MA354 magnetic mount antenna

As the name suggests, a magnetic mount secures an antenna to a metallic surface. This mounting style is perfect for fixed and mobile installations, and you’ll find magnetic antennas on vehicles, electronic enclosures, and other temporary communication applications. It’s an alternative for locations where drilling a hole, e.g., through-hole mount, is not feasible due to cost or aesthetics.

Magnetic antennas are popular with vehicles, providing convenient placement on a car roof or trunk lid. It allows easy repositioning and removal. High-performance vehicle antennas have magnetic bases strong enough to resist wind speeds of over 100 KM/H. A soft foam gasket is often included to protect the surface during the attachment and removal. Once the antenna is in place, be aware that sliding it around can scratch the surface on which it is mounted. Note that not all vehicles work with a magnetic mount. Cars and trucks with aluminum or fiberglass panels will not support this type of antenna fixture.

A magnetic mount may be integrated into the antenna base or offered as an accessory. For example, the
Taoglas MA354, a 4-in-1 5G and WiFi 6 combination antenna, highlights the advantages of magnetic
mounting. Magnetic base accessories such as the MMB.A.EXTMA.19 accommodate external surface
mount antennas, converting a through-hole mount to a magnetic one.

Adhesive Antenna Mounts

Taoglas GA.400 (Guardian X) Wideband Adhesive Mount Dipole 5G/4G Antenna

Sometimes a simple solution is all it takes, and an adhesive mount does the job for many antennas. This mount type is an excellent option if you have a surface that will take well to an adhesive, like glass or metal.

Adhesive mounts are easy to install but cannot be easily moved. However, unlike the through-bolt and magnetic mounts, installation takes a minute, and there’s no risk of accidentally scratching the surface on which they are fixed. Many adhesive mounts are designed for use even in harsh environments, such
as the Taoglas TGA400 5G antenna.

Pole and Wall Mounts

pole mount antenna bracket

These mounts are standard permanent mounting solutions for buildings and structures. A wall-mount bracket requires a few holes to be drilled into a surface, whereas a pole mount bracket is usually secured with U-bolts and fasteners.

The benefit to this style of mounting is you can easily position the antenna to capture the most signal.

For example, if you’re mounting a Yagi or directional antenna, brackets like the F26-100 offer a hole pattern for quick installation. In addition, pole and wall brackets can be installed on just about any surface and can support the weight of a heavy antenna.

New Motorola Mounts

The New Motorola Mount (NMO) is versatile and easily installed. An NMO offers a standard threaded connector that allows you to screw on the antenna of choice. The RF cable is fixed to the base opposite the connector. And the NMO base offers a variety of installation options, such as magnetic or through-hole. It is only compatible with NMO antennas.

NMO mounts are used for many land mobile radio antennas and are especially popular for vehicle communication. You can also exchange the antenna if the existing one gets damaged without having to remove the NMO.

Suction Cup Mounts

If you’re looking for something plug-and-play, suction cup mounts meet your needs. They’re quickly
installed and are meant to be mounted to windows, windshields, and smooth surfaces. Suction cup
mounts are easily removed. If you require a simple mount that is easy to move around, this style might
be an option.

Other Antenna Mounts

The most common antenna mounting styles above are not the only ones. There are many other
mounting options for specific applications. Antennas for covert operations, marine, mining, and ones
made to be worn on your body, require a unique design and materials. You can explore additional
mounting choices from a list on this page.

Picking a Mount

There is an off-the-shelf mount that works for your situation. Through-hole antenna mounts are your answer if you want a secure mobile option. If you need a heavy-duty fixed solution, a pole or wall mount might best fit. Or maybe your situation requires an antenna with adhesive backing for an easily installed yet secure mount. From Taoglas antennas to mounting accessories, Westward Sales has everything for your wireless network. Contact us today and speak with one of our experts. We’ll help you find the right
communication equipment for your job.

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