PoE, PoE+, and PoE++ Explained


As our use of interconnected devices increases, cost and complexity rise too. If you find your equipment set up in a space that doesn’t have ample outlets or network connections, PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology may be a convenient solution. Power over Ethernet technology transmits electric power and data simultaneously over a single network cable. This helps teams to install devices in places that lack power.

Types of PoE Switches

A PoE Switch is a network switch that has Power over Ethernet functionality built in. It helps compatible devices connect without the need for extensive cabling. There are a few different types of network switches — PoE, PoE+, and PoE++ — that can be deployed in different situations.

Difference Between PoE, PoE+, and PoE++

Earlier, PoE switches were mostly used to power low-power devices, such as IP telephones and wireless access points. This style of PoE switches allows for a lower wattage delivery and can be used with limited devices. However, as devices grew to need more wattage to function optimally, the PoE+ provided an upgrade to the traditional PoE switch.

Wattage and Device Compatibility of Different PoE Switches

While PoE switch ports are rated at 15.4 W, PoE+ ports are rated at 25.5 W, some, such as the one on the Antaira LMP-1002G-SFP are rated at 30 W. PoE+ is also compatible with a wider range of devices such as security cameras, video IP phones, and alarm systems. In the quest to drive more power to a wider range of devices, companies now also offer PoE++ that deliver anywhere from 51 W to 71 W to connected devices.

PoE++ is further divided into Type 3 and Type 4. Both of these use a larger number of pins to deliver more power to devices. PoE++ enables power-hungry devices to connect to the network — think, flatscreen television, multi-radio wireless access points, laptops, and more. Antaira’s LNP-0500G-bt is a powerful PoE++ that is perfect for the newest security cameras, digital signs, large LCDs, and other power devices. Use its four PoE ports to pump out 90-watts plus a fifth Gigabit port to connect data streams from your most vital equipment.

How to Decide Between PoE, PoE+, and PoE++?

Which type of PoE switch you go for will depend on your needs. If your job involves heavy data and you require the fastest speeds available, or if you are looking for a solution that you can use in harsh environmental conditions, then consider the LMP-0804G. With 4 separate Gigabit PoE+ ports, each rated to 30 watts, this managed switch will provide high speed. In addition, this device comes with Antaira’s reputation for being reliable in the harshest conditions.

If you are looking to accomplish a simple, yet crucial bit of job, such as powering cameras in surveillance and security applications, the LMP-1002G-10G-SFP will be perfectly suited for you. The 10G fiber-optic SFP slots on this PoE switch offer massive bandwidth for transmitting multiple data feeds securely over long distances.

If you want to set up an industrial-grade managed Ethernet switch that is rugged and versatile, the LMP-1024G-SFP-bt is a good choice. This reliable PoE++ Ethernet switch is suitable for extreme temperatures and offers class-leading protection from voltage and current spikes.

When to Use a PoE Injector?

If you want to install a low-power device in hard-to-reach places where there are no power outlets available, you can use a PoE injector. A PoE injector is used to make non-PoE compatible switches work with PoE devices. PoE injectors are a simpler solution when you have only low-power devices such as wireless access points or IP cameras. They are also significantly cheaper than PoE switches. Using a PoE injector eliminates the need for AC/DC power supplies and outlets.

If the space where you have placed your equipment has non-PoE switches, then it is a good idea to use a PoE injector to add power to your devices. For example, one of the simplest ways to connect a high-wattage PoE camera to a standard network is with Antaira Technologies’ INJ-C2000G-bt industrial-rated injector.

PoE Technology Designed For Your Needs

Built tough for industrial applications, our PoE, PoE+, PoE++ and PoE injectors are reliable and easy to set up. If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution to meet network requirements for your facility, contact Westward Sales. Our knowledgeable team will answer your questions and find the Ethernet switches and injectors that work best for you.

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